“My Guarantee to you is that, if you give me just 12 months you will achieve Confidence, Strength and an Inner Peace that you will carry with you for the rest of your life.”  

Ricky Manetta Founder and head Instructor of MMA KRAV MAGA

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Meet the founder... Ricky Manetta

Ricky Manetta is the Founder and Senior Instructor of MMA KRAV MAGA. He had his first taste of martial arts when he was just 9 years old. His journey has taken him through many different styles and he has made a conscious effort to find and train with some of the best instructors in the world, which he says has helped keep his “open mind” to self defence.

His well known story about his own bullying journey is what he attributes to his understanding of what people need to take back the control in their own lives. Also what he missed as child, that the classes he and his instructors now give to children to set them on the right path mentally for what ever life may throw at them.

    • Ricky has multiple clubs and instructors affiliated to him now teaching Mma Krav Maga across London and the surrounding Counties.
    • With over 30 years of martial arts experience he spends his time teaching classes/courses to a wide audience his belief that less is more when it comes to the art of confrontation and self defence. 99% of street fights are 100% avoidable.
    • His best selling self defence iPhone App reached number 1 In 12 countries.
    • Is the Self Defence Instructor for some of the largest trade organisations and teaches courses for both the LTDA, (The largest taxi union in the UK with over 10,000 members) and ‘Dial-A-Cab’ formerly one of the largest Black Taxi radio circuits in London.
    • Was the former Head Co-ordinator for 14 years working world wide with the UFC the ultimate fighting championship.
    • Heads Security Teams working with the Police looking after the safety and security of high profile events such as the Virgin London Marathon and the 2012 London Olympics.
    • Runs corporate courses and classes for many major companies for the safety and well being of their employees.
    • Works within schools teaching his Anti-Knife and Anti-Bullying “Your words have power campaign” and within the work place teaching self defence and avoidance and awareness.
    • Is used for his knowledge in the media, London Tonight News, OK Magazine in the UK and across the Middle East, Evening Standard and many Trade papers across the UK etc.

For more on Ricky and his history you can read his article in Martial Arts Illustrated on the press page or the podcast on the blog page.

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Our classes & courses have had a positive impact to all that have attended.

Read some of their testimonials…

Stephen Martin

What a fantastic course, so glad I did it, very poignant after the terrible events that happened at London bridge on Saturday night. Ricky had my adrenaline up and down throughout the course of the day, I really feel that I learned a lot. If anyone is thinking of doing this weapons defence course, I cant recommend it enough, go for it, you’re in a safe environment with people who want to bring out the best in you, thanks to everyone who was there, especially Ricky who was running the course, can’t wait for the next one.

David Batt

Taking up MMA Krav Maga two years ago was probably One of the best things I’ve ever done I train on a Wednesday with Will Jones at the Furzefileld centre Potters bar I could not recommend training there highly enough will Jones is an amazing instructor who will get the best out of you no matter what you’re starting ability is i’ve also trained with lots of other instructors in Wapping every one of them has been amazing i’ve also trained on a regular basis with Ricky Manetta himself Which has never been anything Less then inspirational I can honestly say I’ve left every MMA Krav maga class a better person then when I walked in.

Paul Jowett

I recently joined the Muswell Hill group led by Chris. The classes are really well planned so they challenge all levels and they are varied enough to strike a good balance between consolidation and new technique. Chris is an excellent instructor and injects both realism and fun into his classes. I have learnt so much in the short time since joining and can’t recommend it highly enough. Great community to be part of and so inclusive. Well done Chris and Ricky.

Tony Fenton

Great Club been training at Synergy Fitness Ilford for the past 8 Months absolutely love it such a friendly bunch of people very helpful and always make you feel welcome. The instructors Ricky and Paul make the training very enjoyable every class is different and broken down in easy steps. Anyone thinking of taking up any form of self defence then this is the place to train cannot recommend it enough.