Corporate & Private Lessons

Courses and lessons for business’s in the UK

At MMA Krav Maga we offer corporate courses and lessons to business’s throughout the UK.

We work with big or small companies to deliver affordable and educational self defence courses and classes.

Many professions are now working on their own like bus drivers, British Rail, The undergound, estate agents, outpatient doctors and nurses, postmen and women and many more.

Though not just people who work alone are at risk many of us now work longer hours and this can mean, especially in the winter going to and leaving work in the dark.

This is not about frightening people this is about empowering people.

My belief is that just we should all be taught basic self defence and avoidance and awareness techniques. This is not complicated this is information that you can use immediately and will make a massive difference if you are ever unfortunate enough to need to use it.

Many businesses and rightly so teach their employees first aid and this is fantastic. As they could one day help someone in need, but what are we doing to help ourselves in our time of need?


The benefits for your company and the employees.

  • The self-defence techniques
  • The avoidance and awareness techniques
  • More confidence
  • Team building
  • Self awareness
  • Self esteem

If you care about your company and the employees then give them something that will benefit them and you.

We are not just teaching people how to defend themselves we are teaching people how to define themselves.

Corporate & Private Lessons

Book your corporate MMA Krav Maga classes today and tailor-make it around your specific needs.

All of our instructors are fully qualified and certified Instructors Under MMA Krav Maga and the British Combat Association.

We work with many clients such as ‘The Bank of England’, London Marathon, Nuffield sports Centres and more.

We run self defence Courses for the LTDA, with over 10,000 members, these courses are run throughout the year. Please feel free to read our reviews or drop us an email if you are thinking about booking course lessons for your company.

Our Courses

Women's Self Defence Courses

Female-only course

LTDA 8 Weeks Self Defence Course

London Taxi Drivers association

Seminars & Online Courses

The most effective defences from all major unarmed street attacks

Unarmed Combat Courses

Complete self-defence course- hand to hand combat

Corporate & Private Lessons

Courses and lessons for business's in the UK

Knife And Weapon Defence Course

Advanced knife and edged weapon course