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Details: This course is designed to help you learn everything you will need to know to be a Level 1 Instructor. 

Next Course: 21 May  2018




Details: This course is designed to help you learn everything you will need to know to be a Level 1 Instructor. 

Next Course: 28,29,30th Nov & 3,4,5,6th December 2018

TIMES: 10 - 4pm


Cost:  7/10 day course £1200

            3 day course .....£600 (only applicable for those who have passed their level 1 grading)





With Mma Krav Maga even if you have never done any form of martial art before it is easy to become effective in self defence because it is the techniques that work and not just brute strength.

Also a major factor is that we want you to work on the inside as well as out. As in life there is a Ying and Yang, there is a balance for us to find our hard and soft. My hope is to make you so confident you can choose to walk away. 


How do we do this?


We always look for the honesty in ourselves and in the techniques. Technique is no good to you unless you believe in it 100%. We train so that the technique becomes instinct and not just a thought pattern. Also each person is an individual so you must make the techniques work for you and question it whenever you train with a partner. As you will see in our pressure tests after about a minute and a half to 2 minutes of fighting you go into a zone and you are running on purely instinct. If your techniques are weak this is when you find out.

Our level one grading is probably one of the hardest in the country but also is renowned for letting people find the most amount of growth in themselves. You will have no choice but to believe in yourself after you have been through something like this.


What do I want from  an instructor?


I am looking for someone who is passionate about Mma Krav Maga and is passionate about helping other people grow. I am not expecting you to be the best instructor in the world but I do expect you to be the best instructor you can be.


Do I need to be a black belt in another art to be an Instructor?


You do not need to be a black belt in any other art, as long as you are fit, enjoy training and learning new things we can do the rest.

The only stipulation I have is that you have a stable background in one of the stand up arts such as boxing, Thai boxing, karate or tae kwon do etc. As this is something you can not learn in a short period of time.


What can I expect to learn on this course?



You learn all of the 40 plus level one moves inside and out. They range from many different standing and floor chokes, guillotines, defences from punches, kicks, knees and elbows. How to escape from any type of grabs around the body and the wrists. This includes defences from strangles hair grabs, how to stop people taking you down and how to escape from these moves if you do end up on the floor.  You will learn about eye contact, body language, how to talk to people, avoidance & awareness techniques along with pre emptive striking, when you to use them and the how the law works if you do.

You will also learn the art of teaching, keeping the classes attention and how to inspire and lift their confidence through positive feedback etc.


How is it possible for someone who has never done Krav Maga before to become an instructor in one week?

This is a fair question for which I have an answer which may surprise you.

Although you can pass the course in a week you are not an Instructor until you have passed your probation period.

I am blessed to work and train with some of the best fighters and trainers in the world and have done so for nearly 30 years. I can also tell you that not all great fighters make great instructors and visa versa. Everybody who passes my instructor course must carry on training with me in some form or another. So their journey as an instructor carries on right into their higher grades.

When you pass this course you are only qualified to teach Level 1 and then you carry on learning your Level 2. The best someone will ever be at level 1 is at the point they pass, for as they go on a journey onto other levels they may let their level one slip a little. So the best time to become an instructor is when you have just passed as you are at the top of your game at that level. There is then a probation period where at your pace you will get a chance to assist teaching at one of our classes and be helped and mentored every step of the way.

Then you start your journey of gaining experience with me by your side. So by the time you reach your higher levels you have had years of experience as an instructor. Whereas some people will train for years and become a good martial artist yet have no experience of being an instructor until they take their course so in effect they may have wasted five or six years of experience.


There are also more factors involved than most people would be aware.


Firstly not everybody passes, and in this case you're welcome to take the next course for free. There is no grey area, it is black or white either you are capable of doing this and you can pass or you need to train more. There is no free ride as the whole of the Federation will be judged by you once you start teaching.


Secondly most of the people who have become instructors with me are usually students who have passed their level one first and then gone on to do the instructor's course. Though like I said for the right candidate with the right temperament this is possible to do without completing their Level 1.


Thirdly once you pass you are on probation and will need to do a certain amount of hours of teaching in front of me before you are free to go on and teach for yourself. Think of it like an apprenticeship where you are able to get mine and your fellow instructors feedback and help as often as you need it until you and me both feel you are ready to go it alone. Even then I am available to you at any time and will assist you every step of the way.


When you break it down the week course is like having 56 private lessons, which works out at one private lesson per week for over a year. When you look at it like that it no longer looks so short right? The beauty of doing it in one week is you force it to become an instinct as it is all you do for the whole seven days.


Also you must understand that this federation is only as strong as its weakest link we cannot afford to have an instructor out there who is not teaching to his or her highest level as that will affect myself and all of my instructors and everything we work very hard to maintain.


With power comes great responsibility.

These words are very true and I have met many great people and were amazed at how little they thought of themselves. In turn they were shocked when they saw how much I believed in them and knew the potential they just needed to show to the world. 


On the flip side of this it is a great responsibility for people to trust us and let us teach them. So it is my job to make sure we deserve their trust and maintain our high levels right across the board.


In essence we are teaching people the art of self defence against the self. Not to fear the future and the unknown but to learn to accept that things happen which we have no control of but also what ever happens we can deal with. Once you start believing this you will find the calmness you were born with before all the outside influences were unintentionally pushed upon you from our families and friends and the world around us.


I am not pretending this is the easiest journey you will ever go on, I'm being honest and saying there will be walls you will have to learn to climb over or get around but we will be right there with you. What I do guarantee is that the journey is worthwhile and will ask more of you then you would have dared to ask of yourself. The growth is amazing and the friendship and support you will get from the family of students and instructors will be invaluable.


Thank you for taking the time to read this, please read the blogs from people who have taken this course before you. I wish you the best of luck with whatever you do in your future and I hope to meet you soon.


Welcome to Mma Krav Maga


Ricky Manetta


To book your place or find out more information on this course please contact Ricky who would be happy to talk to you on (07950 267574) or by using the contact us page 



                                    "TO MAKE YOU SO CONFIDENT YOU CAN CHOOSE TO WALK AWAY"



Mission Statement

My Guarantee to you is that if you give me a minimum of 12 months, what you will achieve is Confidence, Strength and an Inner Peace that you will carry with you for the rest of your life. Ricky Manetta is the Founder and head Instructor of MMA KRAV MAGA. 

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