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LTDA (London Taxi Drivers Association) 8 Weeks Self Defence Course

LTDA - London Taxi Drivers Association is the largest Taxi Drivers Union in London, which boasts over 10,000 members.

The courses are proving extremely successful and are being run periodically throughout the year. These courses are run for eight weeks and are designed to give the student an insight into some of the techniques that they can use physically and mentally in a self defence situation. Each class consists of a warm up which is designed to get you stronger, more flexible and fitter.

We then run through some techniques and drills. The secret here is how easy they are to learn and apply, plus repetition. Training in this way helps to make your actions an instinct rather than a thought. In a real situation by the time you have had the thought the instinct has already dealt with it.

The courses were proof enough for many attendees as many of them now trying regularly with Ricky and several of them over the years have gone on to become instructors. To keep updated through our MMA Krav Maga Facebook page for the latest updates.

For more information contact Steve McNamara @ LTDA or contact us via the contact us page.


LTDA Management Review

This course originated from myself seeing an article on Ricky in one of the leading trade magazines back in 2009 Ricky had been approached by many drivers to start a day class in his special style of self defence. On seeing this I realised that what Ricky offered was ideal for our members..

In the course of doing my job, I speak to drivers and hear their stories, ranging from being attacked or threatened in a aggressive manner. I thought they would benefit greatly from what Ricky could teach them both physically and mentally.

When I first met Ricky I was impressed with how calm and relaxed he was, not really what I was expecting. Also though he looks fit he is probably average size, again with his reputation I was expecting something different. That was of course until I saw his first class and we got a demonstration on what with the right training anyone is capable of achieving. I actually now believe that it is becuase of Ricky's size that actually makes him more believable as an instructor and it lets his students know that they can also deal with confrontation regardless of the aggressors size.

Ricky's approach to self defence is not what you would normally expect. He believes in attaining an inner confidence and strength that will actually help you defuse or avoid a possible incident because you remove the ego. This confidence comes from training in a such a way that it becomes instinct and not a thought and once you can do something without thinking you can eradicate fear.

Ricky has a relaxed and approachable style of teaching topped with being a perfectionist to getting the move right before moving on, it's easy to see why his classes are such a success. Not that you needed proof but once the original course ended he has started some new day classes to which all of the course attendees are now participating in.

From day one the amount of people who were interested in the course exceeded our expectations and they are a great success. Even within that short time I started to see a difference in some of the member's body language and how they interacted.

I could not recommend Ricky highly enough for anyone who wishes to train with him or indeed any organisation to have a course run by him. We now run the courses periodically throughout the year so all members will have an opportunity to attend.

General Secretary - Steve McNamara


Next Course

Date: Course is running at present.. next course January 2019 

This course is available and free to any LTDA members

Our idea as with all our courses and classes is to make you so confident you can choose to walk away.

If you are an LTDA member and would like to join the next course please contact the LTDA on 0207 286 1046 and book your place.





Mission Statement

My Guarantee to you is that if you give me a minimum of 12 months, what you will achieve is Confidence, Strength and an Inner Peace that you will carry with you for the rest of your life. Ricky Manetta is the Founder and head Instructor of MMA KRAV MAGA. 

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