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Lenny Etheridge

Ricky Manetta is one of those rare people who can spot potential hidden behind self doubt. I needed a lot of convincing that I could become one of his Instructors. Ricky believed in me, even when my confidence was low.

I reasoned that since joining the MMA Krav Maga family, I had recovered my long lost self esteem so going that step further and becoming an Instructor, made undeniable sense. Although my reasons for accepting the challenge were purely altruistic, I found that I have gained a wealth of understanding in my craft, and have benefited from it immensely. This new found confidence and feeling of self worth has trickled over into my personal life, and has given me a new belief in my capabilities and a sense of belonging.

When you teach, you learn.

Bruce Lee once said, A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer.

When I am teaching students who have been through the crux of the syllabus, I break away from training them in pairs, and place them in threes so one is always looking at the other two. This way they can critique the move and learn from it the very same way I learn from them. Good teaching is a two-way street.

I have become a more complete martial artist through teaching. And I believe we all have something to bestow.

My Nan used to say, A thing shared goes further. Thank you Ricky, for sharing. And a big thank you to my fellow Kravists, for all your help.

Jeff Rowell

Hi Ricky
This is just a quick note to thank you for your help and support which have enabled me to pass my Level 1 Instructors Course.  I am sure I would not have passed without the encouragement and inspiration, that you and the rest of the group have given me.

I have grown both physically and mentally during this course and have new self esteem and belief in myself. The understanding that you all have given me with my physical problems has been  second to none.  I am much more confident in my life, and really enjoy helping the newer trainees with Krav Maga, if I can inspire one person the way you have me, that will make it all worthwhile., 
Kind Regards
Jeff Rowell

 Shiza Benjamin

This is one of the most rewarding, challenging and enlightening courses I've attended.

As a level 2 student at the time, I knew the level 1 moves with confidence, but teaching them to ensure everyone understands the techniques clearly, answering questions & making it fun sounds a lot easier than reality! Over the course you will become familiar with your strengths and weaknesses, both as an instructor & a person. There's a fear factor involved, taking you out of your comfort zone; you breakdown your barriers & start being aware of all the reasons how you will make this work & being your own character is high on the agenda, as we're all different & we each offer something unique. Your fellow peers encourage & guide you & there is an instant feeling this journey is not only yours but one to be shared, if you want, because you encourage & motivate each other. Once you find the essence of your teaching style, the honesty of the moves build your confidence the more you teach, with Ricky always available for guidance & mentoring. 

Ricky is a marvellous person and head instructor. He is one of the most genuine people I have met & continues to amaze me with his honesty, positive attitude & inspiring ways. His jokes are funny too...occasionally!! His teaching style can't be packaged or bottled; he's just got 'it'. Classes are what you make of it, I always walk away from every class feeling I've learnt or grown as a person in some way. 

The ethos taught is about changing mindsets to instill avoidance and awareness. If I can inspire one person I've made a difference but I intend to constantly improve & aspire both as a person and an honoured instructor of the MMA Krav Maga federation.



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