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Christopher Humphrey

Christopher Humphrey - MMA Krav Maga

Chris Humphries mmaHi there just a few words about me . I first got interested in martial arts when I was ten years old . I attended shotakan karate under the guidance of Charles mack for a while then eventually got into other sports football,snooker etc.. My first look at Krav Maga was when I went on a self defence course which was organised by the LTDA. I quickly got hooked when I could see how simple but effective some of the moves where , I've trained under Ricky Manetta now for five years and become one of the instructors . I am very passionate about MMA Krav Maga and always striving to find the honesty and what really works with my colleagues.

I look forward to meeting you and hope you find the same passion for MMA Krav Maga as I.

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MMA Krav Maga Instructor
British Combat Association (17806) Registered Instructor

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