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Ross Bennett

Ross Bennett - MMA Krav Maga

Ross Bennett mmaHi, my name is Ross Bennett and I absolutely love MMA Krav Maga! In my younger years I trained in judo, but like most kids after a few years the novelty wore off! In more recent years I found that wanted to get back into some form of martial art, but wasn’t too sure style I really wanted, I tried karate for a while, but it wasn’t for me. A friend suggested I look into Krav Maga, after watching a few clips on YouTube, I thought this could be the one! I looked for a local class, which is where I found Ricky. After a brief phone conversation, Rick invited me to come along & give it a go, that was over 5 years ago & I haven’t looked back since.

Since joining the class my fitness has dramatically improved, my confidence lifted, and I’ve made some really great friends. As an instructor I have found that I’m learning more, not only about MMA Krav Maga, but about myself.

MMA Krav Maga, in my opinion is everything you’ll ever need to protect yourself; it is extremely practical for day to day life. Its great for all ages, sexes and abilities. We all become friends, help and encourage each others growth. So.....what are you waiting for, come and have some fun, I hope to meet you soon.

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MMA Krav Maga Instructor
British Combat Association (17806) Registered Instructor

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