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Shiza Benjamin

Shiza Benjamin - MMA Krav Maga

Shiza Benjamin mmaMy previous experience in martial arts is Shaolin Kung Fu and Kickboxing & I'm practicing Muay Thai. I discovered MMA Krav Maga when I wanted extra training because I was a police officer in Central London at the time & started training at Ricky's Wapping club.

I fell in love with the classes. Everyone was very friendly, making me feel comfortable and even though I was the smallest in the class, the techniques worked on any shape and size, including the big guys! People are very encouraging and supportive and to be honest they are now my adopted family! We are always pushed to look for the honesty in the techniques & to make sure it works for us as an individual. Being a small female in my mid-thirties, this reassured me that it would work and makes me want to constantly learn.

I believed in it from the beginning and that led me on my journey to become an instructor.

We all start from somewhere; my main message is for everyone, especially women, to know no matter where you begin these techniques will build your confidence, surround you with great people, and I guarantee you will grow as a person and have fun along the way.

I currently teach at Synergy Fitness gym in Essex and I am available for private lessons and master classes.

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MMA Krav Maga Instructor
British Combat Association (17806) Registered Instructor

Mobile.   07788 255503
E-mail.   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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