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Bullying at Home

The most common area of bullying for adults is within the home with one incident of domestic violence being reported to the police every minute. Bullying within the home is considered domestic violence, regardless of whether or not it is physical, verbal, sexual or emotional bullying. One in four women will experience domestic violence whilst one in six men will also experience it (Womensaid,2010). Bullying at home is often referred to as “hidden bullying” as people outside the home are often unaware of its occurrence although in many cases other people within the home may also be victims of the bully including children.

Bullying within the home can an extreme effect on the victim’s mental wellbeing. As adults we tend to think of the home as our safe place and therefore when there is bullying within the home it can feel more severe as there is no immediate escape from it. It can leave victims feeling hopeless and is linked to depression, suicidal ideation and self-harm. Bullying in the home can also escalate to more extreme incidents of violence and 2 women a week are killed in domestic violence incidences (womensaid, 2010).

Bullying in the home is not okay and there are a number of charities out there which can offer support from counselling services and advice to emergency housing and exit strategy planning. If you feel you are being bullied at home you can also attend to your GP or local A+E department for assistance.

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