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Bullying in Adults

Bullying is often thought of as an issue that is faced by children and young people however bullying also affects adults. Adults reports being bullied by friends, colleagues, neighbours and family members. Bullying can take many forms including verbal, physical and sexual abuse as well as cyber bullying and discriminatory bullying.

Bullying in the workplace

Bullying in the workplace is a significant issue with up to a third of workers reporting that they have been victims of bullying and in 20% of these case’s this crosses the line into harassment (WPBI, 2009). The most common types of bullying in the work place are verbal, sexual and discriminatory bullying. Women are also twice as likely to report being bullied at work than men.

Bullying in the work place can have serious effect on people including stress, low self-esteem, physical health complications, poor sleep and disruption to home lives. It can also lead to depression and low mood.

Bullying at work is not acceptable and it is important to speak about it if you feel you are being bullied. This could be to a senior member of staff you trust, or a senior member of staff from an alternative team if you feel uncomfortable discussing it with your own management team. You can also contact your union for advice on work place bullying or any of the support links below.

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