Hi all

Some of you may have read this before but as I am starting anew, I thought this was an apt reminder of what all of us as humans have been through and managed to come out the other side. So maybe you are more resilient than you may have once thought.

Lovely to see you all here and hoping you are all fit and well.

Firstly I should say that MMA KRAV MAGA is my baby taken from a self-defence standpoint, for the mind body and the soul. This is way more than physical. Anybody who knows anything about fighting or conflict knows it’s all about the mind. If we can, to keep the flow right we need them to all work together.

For those who don’t know anything about me. It’s probably better I explain everything I do now probably came from my childhood.
Not that I went through anything worse than anybody else, but it did leave its own unique mark on me.
To be honest it’s not about who went through the worst thing, it’s about the effect that it had on us that we may still letting determine our life now.

It’s super important that I say this right at the beginning. Any of the things that I could determine or perceive as bad in my past are exactly the reason why I have and do what I do now.

If I had not walked the journey that I did I would not be leading the life that I am. So it has been massively important for me not to see anything as negative or losing but only as learning.

We are going through unprecedented times and that’s probably not the first time you have heard somebody say that to you recently.

Though as I said earlier it’s not what happens to us, it’s what we do about it.
My personal opinion is this is an amazing time for me to rediscover and allow myself to grow. Normally life is too busy, and I would never have been able to do what I’ve been able to do in the last month. This is going to be great for me and mainly because that’s what I’m telling my mind I choose it to be.

Things are happening to us all every day, and it is how we choose to see them on whether they have a positive or negative effect on us.

You lose your job, you could go into depression, or you could think I never liked the job anyway. Now is the time to go and do what I really want to.

Your relationship ends, you could let it destroy you for a while, or you could realise if you two were right for each other it would’ve worked. You were blessed to meet live and learn, and now you have an opportunity to go forward and meet someone new, with the knowledge that you have gained from all your past.

I am a great believer in if something is meant for you, it will not pass you by. Though if your mind is not open at that point it is very possible you may let it go for a little while because you are not ready.

I have a big sign at my gym when people walk in saying “leave your ego at the door”.

If you are not ready to be wrong every now and then you are subconsciously saying that you are always right. That’s impossible by the way!

It’s OK for us to make mistakes that’s how we learn. Though it is important for us to apologise when needed, stand up and be counted, take the good from the bad and move on. We don’t need to be perfect, but we should always try to be the best us that we can.

I will be doing these blogs regularly. I will constantly be asking you to challenge yourself on how you think. What you do that could be holding you back or how you could open some of those doors that you have unknowingly locked.
Don’t worry you will know if you are ready as you will want to read these again and if you don’t that’s fine too.
The seed has been planted.

Also, there are going to be loads of other distractions as in videos, courses, seminars podcasts etc.
I will also be doing some interviews with inspiring famous and non-famous people alike.
We are all learning from each other all the time. The teacher should always be a student.
So stay with me, it’s going to be a hell of a ride.