Hi welcome to our very first newsletter.
My aim is to share with you only the information you are interested in.
Each month there will be a minimum of one podcast, a video and some blogs. I am afraid I am quite spur of the moment so there may be more!
The reason for two blogs is that one will be based on self defence on a physical level
The second will be based on the internal, the spiritual level. This maybe something your interested in.
So like I said you can choose what you want to watch, listen or read and how much.
Just so you know this is my way of giving back I do not want anything in return and any info or email addresses etc will never be used or disclosed to anybody else.
The same as when I teach a technique it keeps it fresh in my mind.
When I write something or say it out loud it helps remind me of the path I want to walk.

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So welcome again to our newsletter and thank you, thank you, thank you for being a part of it.