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Advanced knife and edged weapon course



Knife And Edged Weapons Defence Course – 

90% Of people who come to us admit that the threat of a knife confrontation is one of their biggest fears. So to us, it is common sense that this is something we should take seriously and something we should tackle head-on.

I am wise and experienced enough to say out loud that anyone who claims to have a full-proof defence to a knife is misguided. Also, many of the clips you may see on youtube are severely flawed and will not work in a real situation however well-meaning they are. But there are definitely techniques and ways of preparing yourself to be better equipped to deal with a knife confrontation and honestly if you ever had to face this type of situation wouldn`t you prefer to know something rather than nothing.

There are many factors that are involved when dealing with a knife confrontation. This includes the shock factor, the effect adrenalin will have on you also how your body will react to any trauma caused by the knife.

So rather than waiting until you have reached a higher level before you can do weapons training or relying on the hope that you never have to face this situation. Why not be proactive in dealing with this and attain some skills and experience that may well save your life but will also definitely alleviate your anxiety.

“Ricky Manetta`s courses are above all honest and realistic and will probably change every thought you ever had on knife defences, I could not recommend him highly enough”.

We have created this course for both the beginner and the advanced student, which will help anyone no matter of their experience learn how to deal with any type of knife confrontation.

What you can expect to learn on the advanced course:

: You will learn avoidance and awareness techniques to help you avoid these situations in the first place

: You will learn techniques on how to deal with adrenalin which through the pressure we will put you under will keep surfacing throughout the course. These techniques alone are something you are going to be able to take away with you to benefit you in your own life.   

: You will learn a series of effective knife defences and then have the opportunity to wear special forces protective suits and fight it for real.

: You will then after each fight scenario critique and be critiqued by the group on how your fight went and what you can do to improve.

:  You get to fight as many times as you deem necessary to help install the confidence needed to deal with a knife confrontation in the real world.

Everybody is an individual and their needs are unique to them. We want to prepare you physically, mentally and emotionally as all of these are large factors in growing your confidence.

These courses have received rave reviews and although they may ask a lot more of you than you thought, you will not be able to deny the growth that you will receive.

This is not about frightening you this is the opposite, this is about empowering you.

Remember feeling is believing.


knife and weapon defence


Details: This is an advanced course for anyone who wants to learn effective defenses against a knife attack. This course lasts 5 hours and is limited to 12 people.

Date: Sunday AUGUST 2nd 2015 to be confirmed

Times:  14.00- 19.00

Cost: £99

Places Still Available:  


Synergy Fitness
Lake Forest House
Forest Road

Synergy Fitness has parking, showers and a café.

If you would like to know more about this course and what you can expect to learn please contact Ricky who would be happy to talk to you (07950 267574) or by using the contact us page.

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Knife And Weapon Defence Course

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